Decided to add something to my resume today.

Is your company remarkable?
Are your employees amazing?
Does your company thrive on employees who think differently?
What was the last book your CEO read? What was the last book your VP of Marketing read?
Tell me about you and your company. Or if you are a recruiter, tell me why you like finding employees for this company (beyond the fact that you get paid for it).
I am looking for companies that are challenging their employees daily. Tell me your stories of success, how you lead your industry, and how you constantly look for new challenges, not simply coast along on the glory of the past.
If it looks like turning the interview process on its head, you’re right. I want to know why I should come work for you.
My blah, blah, blah is below. But you are the kind of company who hires based on what’s in a resume, I don’t want to work for you.
Why? Because I am a square peg, and most companies who hire by resume only are looking to fill triangular holes. I am different, and that cannot be seen in a resume.
Does your company need someone who thinks differently? Does your company need someone who refuses to fit into a job title?
Come on over and talk. Tell me what you are looking for; and I will tell you what my ideas are.
May 7, 2005

Why did I do this? Cause I want to separate the wheat from the chaff. I will not settle for a job. I want to go to work and have a vision. I want to be enthralled, motivated, and driven to go to work every day.
Does your company have what it takes?