The Moleskinerie (A Moleskine fan/Bzzzz blog) agrees with me that the Stationery is Bad campaign is for only some of the digerati elite. [here]
I got my Moleskine Datebook 2 days ago…I love it. As a member of a corporate culture, the Outlook Calendar is an evil necessity. But I am finding that I am far too tactile to live by that alone. I like being able to make random notes about a day on a piece of paper, and hold it in my hands.
I have many of my old datebooks, and when I look back over them, I can vividly remember the events that I note, remember why a to-do was so important, and have access to the memories with a simple glance.
PDAs and calendaring software allows us to have an extreme focus on the present; journals and physical datebooks allow us to remember the past.
I am off to purchase an Accordion Folder now….

If I could, this is what I would boil my travelling package down to. Brian Mitchell has manage to simplify his life to where I am aiming for.