On Intellect, Experience and Employment

Tony Goodson riffs on an idea that Doc Searls threw out there this weekend.
This post brings back very painful memories of looking for jobs in Canada. Every time that I applied for a position, no matter how low in the food chain, the hiring process felt designed to make me feel inferior, especially since I had been let go from a position, prior to returning to school to get further qualified.
The US firms I spoke with (no, it was 1999, a very different time) seemed enthusiastic about my skills and curiousity. Canadian firms, on the other hand, wanted 20 years of experience for an entry-level position at $35,000(CDN).
Now, what I am finding is that many firms search the Internet looking for key words. They don’t actually look at your resume. That is why I added the note to the top of my online resume, to force people to understand what I am looking for, what I need in a company.
Any company that is only hiring because of what they think I can do, I don’t want to work for them.
I salute you Tony!

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