This is a truly cool idea.

Predictive technologies are becoming recogmized as a very important comonent in any large information system. The data that these systems contain is useless, unless the patterns inside can be drawn out.
The Business Intelligence companies take these massive amount of existing data, crunch it, and find patterns within the data. Based on these patterns (or rules), BI systems can begin to extrapolate (LOVE that word!) future behaviour out of the patterns that appear in the new data. These are presented as scenarios to business users who can then take (what you hope is appropriate) action.
This will be very important in so many industries…including the one that I work in.
Via Silicon Valley Watcher

2 Replies to “This is a truly cool idea.”

  1. Fantastic Idea you are right “This is a truly cool idea.”
    However how people feel is an analytical black art and this would be a bigger project then you think. Great Idea and application!

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