Merlin at 43Folders hits for six with this post that, in summary, says

GTD: What are you doing to make it happen in YOUR life? 

In the world of GTD, having a Moleskine and a HipsterPDA doesn’t cut it folks. It’s hard. It requires discipline. It requires dedication.
It’s mental exercise.
Having failed at several physical exercise program over the years, I can offer some suggestions.

  1. Don’t do it alone. Having a GTD buddy will help everyone stay focused
  2. Set aside time EVERY DAY to do GTD
  3. Post the GTD Flowchart somewhere where you are ALWAYS reminded of it. Here’s a good one to use; it’s my desktop image
  4. You will stumble. Get up, and review your cards, inbox, and notes. What can you DO, DELEGATE, or DEFER?

You can do it.
Teach. Share. Learn.
Live GTD.