Culling the Partial Text Feeds

There appears to be a meme beating its way around the chaos we call the blogosphere, that of culling out the partial text feeds in favour of the full text versions.
I usually check this out when I decide to subscribe. Bloglines will occasionally offer up a selection of feeds to choose from, and if given the choice, I always go with the full text.
Tonight, I began (alomost) mindlessly culling out the partial text feeds. ProBlogger, Moliskinerie and ongoing. LifeHack looked cool, but the partial text feed saw them get the boot.
I agree with Scoble (ugh…I hate saying that!) on this:

I’ll visit your site once in a while or whenever one of the bloggers that I read tells me you’ve written something interesting (which is quite often)

I know why partial text feeds exist. But I have AdBlock installed in Firefox, so even if I click through, you get no benefit. Turn on full feeds.
Do it. Now.

Jeremy Zawodny is on the bandwagon.

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