Jeffrey Philllips has a GREAT post on how to make your meetings more effective. [here]
I had already started applying these instinctively, but to see it codified gives me hope that we can pound this into a few people’s skulls. It is a serious contributing factor to people failing at GTD.
When you start to actually analyze the meetings you attend, ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Was the organizer prepared?
  • Was it clear who the organizer was?
  • Did this meeting actually require your attandance?
  • Were you expected to take a next action?
  • Is another meeting necessary to report on your next action, or can it be done informally?
  • Do you consider the meeting a success?

If you pass along your comments to the meeting organizer, or simply talk to that person informally, you may be able to evolve meetings in your organization into useful activities.