Skip has some great thoughts on what leadership means when you reach the VP or C-levels in an organization. [here]
What does a true leader do?

So, I began to delegate by better defining the roles of people, provide them with the right level of responsibility and accountability, and make sure I was available for any questions that was a result of lack of clear direction. I, on the other hand, needed to ensure that each person has what they needed to get the job done (equipment, training, skills, communication, etc) and then get out of their way and let them do it!

The worst managers and VPs I have ever encountered were those who could not delegate. These managers failed because the did not, would not, could not admit that their job, and their only job, was to be a conciliator, facilitator, negotiator, reporter, and mentor.
A leader is great by not trying to do the job. A leader’s job is to ensure that the job gets done by the team best able to do it.
Leadership is a Zen Koan: Being, not doing, shows leadership.
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