Port80 tells a great story about a product that they had in the pipe that would prevent bandwidth leeching (defined in the post). [here]

Their observation that technology that could do this would be of particular interest to purveyors of adult-oriented sites does not surprise me. However, their rationale for stopping development was not based on any moral issues; the fact is that LAMP development platforms are preferred in this industry because of their cost.

Now, I am sure that some enterprising Apache hacker could very quickly develop a functional module that would plug right onto the server to deliver on some of the basic design elements laid out by the Port80 Team. This would be a benefit to both the IIS and Apache communities, as interest in this feature would push for a similar feature in IIS, allowing Port80 to finally release this software.

Rightly or wrongly, porn has fueled a large number of the developments in the open source community. My place is not to judge; it is to benefit from the advancements.