Seth G Discovers Robertson Screws…

…and I have heard a rumour that David Allen is adding them to GTD, Merlin and Dave Winer are porting them to MacOSX, SOGrady is building them on Gentoo, and Scoble uses them on his tablet. Kathy Sierra is evangelizing how they make happier screwers (???) and Darren Rowse has pointed out how to optimize your layout to take advantage of Google ScrewSense.
Great. Thanks Seth. Now everyone will want Robertson Screws. One more thing Canadians will lose their exclusive superiority in. Losing hockey was bad enough. Now you want our screws.
Time to move back to Canada, where all cool things — including weather and excluding Nortel and Corel — start.
Seth Godin’s post
My Rant on the Cool Tools post

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