A pen I found

At my last job, I moved desks a lot. Not because I was being shuffled from department to department, but because the company was in a constant state of flux, expanding with the Internet Bubble 1.0, and then collapsing on itself.
I often found interesting things when I took up residence at my new desk. Once, I found a huge group of files belonging to finance, detailing many contracts with clients. This lead me to have other concerns, but, oh well, no matter.
My best find is one that I carry to this day: a pen.
Not just any pen. A S.T. Dupont.
It’s engraved with a “sales club” outing date. You remember those? The boondoggles that sales gets as a reward for “good” performance? Well, this was part of the kit for one of those.
It’s black lacquer, heavy, and writes exquisitely. Why someone, even if they were let go and were angry at the company, would leave a work of art such as this behind is beyond me.
And I just rediscovered it at the bottom of my backpack. It feels exquisite sliding over the paper of my Moleskine.
Today is looking up.

S.T. Dupont and My Hipster PDA

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