Is that a PDA in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

Merlin at 43Folders links to a great post by Robert Daeley. [here]
This post is extremely relevant to me, as I just spent 9 hours lugging my laptop backpack (still waiting for my Waterfield Cargo bag to arrive from a dedicated reader — Large please) around SeaTac, Denver International and Logan.
It would have been even worse if I had been allowed to go to Europe this Sunday…but I digress.
What is in there?
Well, the contents are pretty much detailed here. Now, I can take out the European adapters — need for those went way down all of a sudden. But, in a nutshell, my bag is substantially cleaner now than it has been in years.
The Moleskine Accordian Folder definitely helps, as I have a place to store all of my important documents, receipts and pieces of paper.
And the MEC backpack buddy helps keep the wires and cables and other odds and ends from rattling around.
But I still carry way too much. The 9 pound Inspiron doesn’t help.
In my pockets, bare minimum, and always in the front pockets. A business card holder thing to hold the cards I need, and my car keys in one pocket; my very light Samsung R225M in the other.
Still, there is too much crap in our lives. Too much in mine.
If only I could capture it all and put it in my inbox…

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