On the plane between Seattle and Denver right now. Had one of those airport experiences this morning that started out poorly and, by a twist of fate, worked out fine.
Arrived at SeaTac at 4:30AM. United Easy Check-In barfed on my reservation, so I had to deal with a counter person. Turns out that United had moved me to a later flight, without noticing that this would force me to miss my connection in Denver. The agent placed on the list for the oversold 6:00AM flight and off I went…
…to promptly get the full baggage search/body cavity search security line.
When things go bad…
Get to the gate. They have oversold the TWO flights out of Seattle to Denver which leave simultaneously. Angry, frustrated people everywhere.
Then, I get a break. I get a seat; 9B. For those of you who fly 737s, you know this seat. It is the dream seat: the exit row. And I get to talk to the woman who gave up this seat to take her well-earned upgrade to business class.
So, I am halfway to Denver, feeling very relaxed, and glad to be on the way home.

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