I survived giving my first all-day training class in 2.5 years today. Man! I forgot how giving a class drains you! I feel like I have lost 10 pounds!
The group was interesting. It is always fun to watch the group dynamic when people from different divisions in a large company, all with different agendas and needs get together in the same room, and try to learn a new product together.
I think I was able to share some of the knowledge I have gained, but short of a mind-meld, you can’t learn everything there is about Web performance in 6 hours.
And then their cafeteria tried to kill me some raw chicken disguised as chicken strips. If I keel over from salmonella, at least I will know the cause!
Also, I was able to quickly respond to this groups needs. They weren’t going to get anything from the “prepared” Powerpoint; immediately spun off into interactively using the application.
Time to re-design and re-implement my company’s training initiative. Beyond Bullet Points, here I come!

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