Not many of you were likely reading this blog when I turned down the GrabPERF Web Performance Monitoring System a few months back (here). Well, today, I decided that I needed something to hold my interest and keep me busy, so I re-initialized the system.
It’s live here. Heck, I even fixed a couple of long-standing annoyances with the aggregation tables in the database.
I am trying to keep the targets limited to interesting, and likely performance-challenged, Web 2.0 companies. If you would like to see a (your?) site added to the system, drop me a comment.
UPDATE: Found a bug in the PHP 5.1.0b2 release I was using that caused the dates extracted from the database to be mangled when they were passed to PHPlot. I returned to the release version PHP (5.04) and all charting is now working normally.

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