GrabPERF: Looking for a few foolish….errr, brave souls

I am looking to implement some new GrabPERF features in the next few days (I still have some vacation left!), and I need some volunteers to help me out.

  1. A linux machine with the MySQL and cURL development libraries installed
  2. A static IP address (even a static external NAT IP is ok)
  3. The ability to do some basic configuration
  4. The ability to set up CRON jobs
  5. The ability to install PERL modules

Drop me a comment and I will fill you in.

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2 Replies to “GrabPERF: Looking for a few foolish….errr, brave souls”

  1. I’ll give you a hand. The box I have in mind is RH9 though:
    # rpm -q curl-devel
    # rpm -q mysql
    Are those versions OK?

  2. # rpm -q curl-develcurl-devel-7.9.8-5.2.legacy# rpm -q mysqlmysql-3.23.58-1.90.6.legacyAre those versions OK?Sean

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