GrabPERF: MSM/PR Agencies and my life

Well, it was bound to happen. Someone from a PR Agency asked if I was willing to go on the record today to discuss the GrabPERF results for the site they represent.
This exposes the critical weakness in my plan for world domination. I am, effectively, providing a low-octane sub-set of the information that my employer currently provides. I am using GrabPERF as a learning resource for myself, as well as for gathering some useful data that I know people are interested in.
I cannot comment on the data beyond the realm of my blog without overstepping the limited leeway allowed me by my employer. I am more than willing to provide documentation on the methodology, and provide raw data for publication purposes. But my position puts me in a very awkward position, and I refuse to find the edge of that cliff.
The people who use GrabPERF the most may or may not have the resources to purchase a commercial Web Performance Measurement service; that is not my call to make. If they do, I am completely comfortable analyzing the data and commenting on it as a representative of my employer.
And thanks for using GrabPERF!

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