Web Performance: Dear American Red Cross, You have a problem

American Red Cross:
I know you have other things on your plate right now, but you seem to have a DNS problem.

redcross.org.           86400   IN      NS      arcdns3.redcross.org.
redcross.org.           86400   IN      NS      arcdns2.redcross.org.
redcross.org.           86400   IN      NS      arcdns1.redcross.org.
;; Received 172 bytes from in 46 ms
redcross.org.           3600    IN      A
redcross.org.           3600    IN      NS      arcdns2.redcross.org.
redcross.org.           3600    IN      NS      arcdns1.redcross.org.
;; Received 122 bytes from in 33 ms

The name server arcdns3.redcross.org ( either doesn’t exist, or is broken. Unfortunately, the Top-Level DNS servers still have it on file.
The site is working great [here]. Except for the DNS issues.
Keep up the good work.

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