George Bush is lame, and a lame duck.
He is a stooge, only in place to ensure that the right-wing packs the Supreme Court for a generation (Think Pelican Brief).
Now, after playing politics with 9/11, Karl Rove is playing politics with Katrina.
What does playing politics mean? How many lives does it save?
FEMA failed. DHS failed. Santorum wants to gut NOAA so it can fail during the next crisis.
Karl Rove committed treason. George Bush committed stupidity. Brown and Chertoff were shown to be useless in the face of a disaster.

Unless you are going to New Orleans to DO something, stay home. Stay off the TV. Stay out of the media.
The White House has NOTHING to add to the conversation. It has added nothing to the effort to save these people.
The president of the oil companies and conservative religious fanatics failed the United States. And Karl Rove is trying to make the chimp look good.
Karl, you have failed. You are the most reviled man in America. I think that Karl Rove should be made to clean the Superdome. By hand. Alone.