Jeff Nolan adds his voice to the TypePad rumblings. [here]
Take away quote:

Some very experienced IT professionals are chiming in that they understand how difficult it is to run a datacenter (something I myself have not done I would add) and I am sure the empathy is well meaning. However, there are ample examples of large datacenter operations that operate with a very high degree of uptime and performance so while running a high capacity and complex datacenter may be difficult, it is being done successfully elseware.
Mena and Ben (further putting the human face on the company, a good PR tactic) may be plenty sorry, but I’m still stuck paying for shitty Typepad performance. In fact, I’d like to see this subscription software model go even further to align with customers by putting a service level agreement (SLA) in place that lays out a series of financial penalties the provider incurs when performance and availability fall below predefined thresholds. I bet they would not have to be sorry then, because companies that have these kinds of service level agreements are always highly motivated to get it right the first time.