One thing that I have been frustrated with in cURL is the lack of OS level network error reporting.
Guess what? I should read the docs. It’s been in the code for a few revisions now.
The problem: It appears to behave erratically. I have it working successfully on one measurement machine (local network agent), but when I blindly rolled it out to the remote Gomez Agent, all the measurements melted down and started throwing this mysterious Error Code 43.
The difference is that the local machine is running linux 2.4.20-31.9 (most likely Redhat 9) and the Gomez Agent is running 2.4.22-26mdk (Mandrake 9? 10?).
I tried to test the code on one of my linux 2.6 (Fedora Core 3) servers running cURL 7.12.3, which should have this code in place, but it returns nothing when the connection fails due to a reset or timeout.
I now understand the need for network homgeneity. ARRRGH!
I just don’t get why the cURL RPMs for Fedora on the cURL site throw module dependency errors; and I am not getting involved in an RPM upgrade “falling dominoes” party at 01:00 EST.
I hope the Connection Timeout errors help some of you folks out who where just getting gaps when weird network errors were occurring.