If you are wondering about the picture at the top of this page (sorry for you folks in RSS readers, gotta head to the blog to see it), I can tell you one thing.
It is real.
[PS: Photo provided by Chris Magnusson.]
I grew up in the shadow if this mountain called, oddly enough, Mount Seven. The Seven is a natural event that only appears in the spring as the snow recedes from the summit.
The other claim to fame for this peak is among paragliders and hang-gliders. If you ask anyone who partakes in these sports if they have ever heard of Mount Seven, their eyes will likely glaze over and drool will run from their mouths,
Well, the banner doesn’t do the mountain justice from the perspective of a non-powered flight aficianado. This perspective for Google Earth give you a better idea.

When you depart Mount Seven, it is a free and clear 5,000 foot drop into the valley below. And it’s not just any valley; it’s the Rocky Mountain Trench. At a minimum of 5 miles wide, the flying is free and clear. One glider took off from the mountain and ended up in Montana.
Mount Seven is a glorious landmark, and one of the few fond rememberances I have of the town I grew up in.

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