So, the move to the new datacenter is complete. We finished off the final changes last night | early this morning, and the Web server and database are now running on a big fat pipe at 365 Main in downtown San Francisco.

How did I spring for new hardware and hot hosting? Well, I had a little help from some Friends of GrabPERF — Technorati.

About 3 months ago, Dave Sifry contacted me when we went through our last financial crisis and offered to host the whole kit and kaboodle. He put me in contact with Adam Hertz, who turned me over to Camille Riddle.

After driving Camille and her team nuts for two months, we switched everything over starting at about 23:30 EST (04:30 GMT) last night. There were a few hic and burps, and the DNS propagation may take a while to reach some of the most distant folks, but this morning, I issued the final “poweroff” command to my home-based Web server.

I want to thank the Technorati team for all if their help, and I look forward to continuing to deliver quality data to the blog community.

Niall Kennedy talks about the Technorati side here, along with a funky pic of the old GrabPERF datacenter.