DNS | Apache Virtual Host Madness Today

I have noticed that GrabPERF has been responding increasingly more slowly as of late. Well, I believe that I have resolved the performance issue: I moved the Web component of GrabPERF off of the machine where the database is housed.

However, when I did this, I hit a really stupid issue that was the result of a legacy httpd.conf file directive.

As well as GrabPERF, I moved this blog, also a heavy HTTP | PHP user, onto the same Web server. Then, once I had seen the DNS propagate, I went to this blog….and got the GrabPERF homepage!


Turns out that I was the victim of a REALLY dense mis-configuration, which I removed from the new Web server configuration file. I had buried the NameVirtualHosts directive in a VirtualHost container, which was not part of the new server’s config file.

Without the NameVirtualHosts directive set, the server happily responds to all incoming requests with the first VirtualHost it finds in the httpd.conf file, which in in this case was GrabPERF.

Once I solved this, and placed the NameVirtualHosts directive outside of all of the VirtualHost containers, the server began working perfectly.

I then went and retrofitted the secondary Web server.

If none of this makes sense, it’s ok. I am not feeling real lucid right now.

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