GrabPERF: State of the System, Feb 2006

If anyone wants to know why I am proud of GrabPERF, this graph should give you a clue.

GrabPERF Growth

Every hour, an aggregated value is produced for every test url. Counting up the Geometric Mean aggregations on a daily basis, the growth line is pretty amazing.

Doing a rough calculation, the system has grown from testing 40 urls to testing 104 urls.

But the true scope of this growth can only be seen by looking at the number of data insertions into the raw data table on a daily basis.

GrabPERF Measurements Per Day

Currently, with the four measurement agents (I turned down one of the Technorati agents today to relieve the strain on the database server), the system is handling nearly 300,000 data insertions a day. Not even in the same timezone with most of the major sites I measure, but when I think that this is a system that I designed, I am stunned. For an unfunded, not-for-profit, one-person effort, I am constant astounded by what this system can handle.

Other areas of note over the last year:

  • The Technorati-donated servers can now easily hold 60 days of detail data on a robust enterprise grade system, in a real datacenter
  • The basement datacenter is now closed
  • The new interface was created specifically to allow the system to grow and easily accommodate new features
  • People are now approaching me on a daily basis to have sites added, or to have data explained
  • GrabPERF went from one measurement agent to five agents in four locations, including a location in Europe (Portugal)
  • GrabPERF has been used in various places to serve as an indicator or motivator for performance improvement, including: Bloglines, Ping-O-Matic, Technorati, PubSub (1 and 2), Blogwise, and others.
  • A number of corporate and individual sponsors have stepped forward to support our efforts in many different ways: money, servers, measurement locations, commentary and critiques

I know that I have said it many times in person, or online, but thank you all. Those of you who use and support GrabPERF are the ones who continue to motivate me to make this system better on a daily basis.

Keep those cards and letter coming.

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