Dear WGBH:
It is Spring Pledge time again. You have replaced all of the shows I love to watch with drivel about growing old gracefully and saving money I don’t have, interspersed with do-wop and motown revival concerts.
Once again, I will not be donating to your station, in protest.
I want more of what I like, not less. When you run an Hercule Poiroit marathon followed by two complete This Old House project series, I might consider giving. Run a day of NOVA, and you will get my credit card for life. Run The Civil War, Jazz and Baseball back-to-back, and I will sell you a kidney.
But no. You run crap that drives me away from your programming.
Why? Do you actually ask the people who watch your station what would encourage them to give money?
Please, take me off your list.
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