GrabPERF Site Statistics | Web Analytics Index – Mar 08 2006

The Site Statistics | Web Analytics Index measurements have been running now for about 2.5 days, and I wanted to make some general comments on what I am seeing.

The methodolgy for testing is straightforward. I chose sites | services that allowed you to create a free (if limited) account to track your Web visitors, and allowed you to make these statistics available to for anyone to look at. Using this this, a measurement was established against the landing page that visitors would see if they chose to look at these publicly available statistics.

I am using this blog as the placeholder for the tracking “bugs”  used in this index (see the right-hand column).

Site Stat Services Index - Mar 08 2006

From the graph above, it is clear that ShinyStat is the performance leader in this space. They have the smallest overall page size as well as the fastest and most reliable performance.

It is important to note that services such as WebTrends, Omniture, WebSideStory and Coremetrics are not included, as they are beyond the reach of most bloggers, and do not provide a public side to their data. Also, Google Analytics is not included, as they do not provide public access to the collected data.

The collected data is available in GrabPERF as both the Site Statistics Index, and as individual measurements.

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