T-Mobile: How I love thee…

Scott Johnson writes about how we all want to drop our mobile provider every once and a while. [here]

I have the same provider that Scott does: T-Mobile.

I am a complete T-Mobile lover. The coverage is great, and the use of GSM makes it so perfect for my travel needs, which includes the occasional trip to Europe. T-Mobile has been a great provider, and the fact that I never have to think about it should tell you how good they are.

I will say that their selection of phones is limited. But guess what? That doesn’t matter. You can buy unlocked GSM phones on the net, and have a phone that is so much sexier than what the provider gives you. I have a Sony Ericsson K700i that I bought and it is so very hot!

On the whole, I would never go back to a traditional US CDMA phone provider, as it is so old school, so, clunky, so…1995.

T-Mobile, keep up the great work!

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  1. Second that (except for “coverage is great”). See also here.

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