As part of the work I am doing for a client, I needed to install the Check Point VPN software. So far so good.

Until I want to try and connect to my company’s VPN, which uses Netscreen. It didn’t work.

Seems that the Check Point software does something that I both agree with and find frustrating given the nature of what I need to do right now. Check Point binds itself to all of your computer’s interfaces and refuses to allow other VPN software to work. Makes sense, after all, why are you trying to establish another tunnel on the same computer.

Then I got the bright idea to try and install it on another computer in the house and VNC into that box to do the work.

Well, Check Point blocks inbound VNC connections, effectively becoming an uber firewall. Strike three.

I am not a happy boy right now. This project was not supposed to be that difficult.

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