Art of the Start: 10/20/30 Rule and Beyond Bulltes

I am reading the copy of Art of the Start I won in the inBubbleWrap draw on St. Patty’s Day, and I am struck by the philosophical meshing between Guy’s 10/20/30 rule and Cliff Altkinson’s Beyond Bullets approach to Powerpoint.

In my work environement, I am occasionally called upon to produce, and sit through, Powerpoint presentations. I find myself trying desperately to use the Beyond Bullets approach: maximum message with minimum text. Adding the 10/20/30 rule gives me another tool to not only re-examine how I produce presentations, but to critique those that I sit through.

I may ask Guy if it is possible to buy and distribute the chapter containing 10/20/30 to all the people in my company. Worth a shot, as I can’t afford 60 copies of the book.

Art of the Start is worth it, just for 10/20/30.

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