How I spent my Memorial Day

Memorial Day was going to be a very quiet and relaxing day, hanging around the house, tinkering in the garden, nothing special.

Then, after cleaning up a mess in the basement, Samantha went out the basement bulkhead, and one of the doors came off it’s hinges. Which should be no surprise when they looked like this.

Warped Basement Doors - May 29, 2006

We knew that this was going to be a project for this year, but it became a necessity today. So off to Home Depot for some plywood and supplies, and then three hours of sanding and caulking and priming. The base work is mostly done, all that has to be done is more primer on the new doors, paint them with a good green paint (preferably marine enamel), and re-attach them.

This is what they called “unscheduled maintenance”.

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