A Metallica Morning

My musical tastes run the gamut. The sublime includes Gregorian Chants, Baroque music, and ethereal soaring symphonies.

But I was raised in a small town in the BC interior. Metallica is in my blood.

Oh, you may try and deny your Metallica-ness, but you know it’s there. It’s the one that makes you want to drive fast on the 280 between San Mateo and Sand Hill Road. The one that sees you doing the rocker salute and hair-wave when the kids are out. The one that makes do those 10 extra reps at the gym.

I thought Motorhead and AC/DC could soothe the beast.

No hope.

Out comes Kill ‘Em All.

Now, all I need is a very fast car.

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  1. Rock on dude Metallica unleashes the beast

  2. Rock on dude Metallica unleashes the beast

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