Over the last year, GrabPERF has been something that has caught the fancy of a few in the Blogging/Social Media world. It has given some perspective of how performance can affect business and image in the connected world.

But what of GrabPERF itself? It has been on a development hiatus for the last few months due to pressures from my “real” job and various trips (business and pleasure) that I have been undertaking. Over the last two weeks, I have been trying to clear out the extra measurements and focus the features and attention on the community that appears most interested in the data.

During this process, I heard back from some folks who had been using GrabPERF in stealth mode (even I can’t track all the hits!), and who asked, “Hey! Where did my data go?”. Glad to hear from all of you.

Just to give everyone some idea of the growth, here is a snapshot of aggregated daily performance and number of measurements.

GrabPERF Statistics (by day)

The number of measurements shot up, until I started culling the unused measurements. Over the last 3 weeks, average performance became extremely variable, and that’s when I began considering the culling. As well, the New York PubSub Agent appears to have gone permanently offline, as a part of their winding down process.

The fact that the system was taking 390,000 measurements per day still astounds me.

This was also comparable to the number of distinct sites we were measuring.


After the latest cull, we are down to 84 distinct tests, a level last seen on November 27, 2005.

I am pleased that the system has held together as well as it has.