Ok folks, this is it. I have finally truly woken up from my slumber and I am starting to add features to the system.
Today’s latest: content | text matching.
This is a critical step in the development, as it allows for quality checking against the returned data. Currently, I can only catch errors under 3 defined circumstances:

  1. The server returns an HTTP code >= 400
  2. The measurement times out when delivering the data (45 seconds)
  3. The connection to the server fails (only some agents and kernels)

Now, the ability to confirm that the data being returned under what would be considered by the server admins as a success criteria, i.e. something with an HTTP/200 OK message got sent back to the client, can trigger an error in a defined text string or regular expression does not appear in the HTML.
This is currently up on a test agent, and if it proves stable, I will roll it out to the production agents later this week. If you would like to be a part of this beta, drop me a line or a comment.
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