WordPress: When did it achieve world dominance?

I was considering the amazing popularity of WordPress (the hosted service as well ad the application), now the agreed upon champ in the blogging world. I was considering this in light of the fact that when I started blogging in the dark ages of 2004, MoveableType and TypePad were the undisputed champs.

When did the shift occur? What was the watershed moment?

It hit me. it was the day Scoble announced his blog would be a WordPress.com blog. [here]

Now, Scoble may not be as large a force in the blogging world anymore, but that day in October 2005 when he made that announcement sealed the fate of SixApart. The buzz momentum swung to WordPress and all of the yummy goodness therein.

The SixApart/MoveableType/TypePad fiends out there are likely to flame me, but the latest release of MoveableType received the response usually reserved for yet another Who farewell tour. It is bloated, complex and difficult to manage.

On the other hand, I can install and/or update WordPress in less than 5 minutes and no one would notice a thing.

I wonder what the next seminal blogging tool will be?

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  1. SixApart/Moveable TypeThis is a little late, but then by the Hoover standard, I’m right on top of things…, I worte an article/paper on this subject (comparision of cms/blogging platforms back in March 2006, and in that stated that eventually (and I named SixApar…

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