I have been running the GrabPERF Compression and Performance study for less than a week, but I thought that I should share some of the initial results with everyone.

GrabPERF Compression Study -- Initial Results -- Aug 28 2006

As you can see above, the byte transmission savings gained by some sites is pretty astounding. Google News sends a pages with a median weight of near 31,000 bytes when compressed; but when compression is disabled on the client, this jumps to over 139,000 bytes.

What is interesting is that the performance gains don’t look truly significant. However, they compressed pages are faster, and have the added benefit of costing the site less, as bandwidth costs count by the byte (I know it’s more complicated than that, but for now, let’s assume a fantasy world).

I will continue to monitor that results and will close the measurements after 14 days and write up a final report.

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