Over the last 12 hours, we have had some pretty remarkable “wildlife” scenes in our yard.

Last night, as I took Wiggles out for her walk, she found a cat…a striped, stinky cat.

Skunk 1, Wiggles 0.

We suspect that it had been hiding under our back porch. We are taking steps to encourage it to find new digs. But Wiggles did enjoy her bath at 10:30 last night.

This morning, two squirrels decided to try on their best wrasslin’ moves in the ancient birch tree outside our house. The were tumbling around like crazed…well, squirrels. They rolled down the tree in a ball once, and then fell separately from about 20 feet, bouncing off tree branches on their way to the ground.

When they broke it up, one of the combatants sat in a tree branch for about 20 minutes, recuperating and literally licking its wounds.

Who says that we live in a world devoid of natural elements?