Today, I took an inventory of the portable storage solutions I have with me at all times.

The Size of Storage

On the bottom, a Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition at 100GB. In the middle, an 8GB Zen Microphoto. On to, a mostly useless iPod Shuffle that I use as a thumbdrive.

The top two are provided for context. I also purchased a 300GB Maxtor OneTouch III that I use for my media files.

Based on it’s size, the Maxtor Mini must use a standard 100GB laptop drive in a sleek aluminum housing. So far, It’s a dream. Slides into my bag, acts as a backup, and stores larger media files for when I’m on the road.

But the whole idea that I can slip nearly 110GB of storage into my pack is insane. And next year, this will be old school.