Month: May 2007

Skype Degrading, Trying Gizmo

I have been using Skype as a landline pretty exclusively for the last 6 months, but the quality of the service has been degrading rapidly. Today, I called Samantha from the office and she said it sounded like I was calling from inside a tin can.

So, on a recommendation from a co-worker, I am giving Gizmo a try. Pretty immediately, I noticed a quality improvement over Skype, and people on my conference calls said it was much better.

So, if you want to reach me, try spierzchala on Gizmo, or +1-508-635-4420.

And Skype, let me know when your quality improves.

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T-Mobile: Redemption is yours

Last night, I spent over an hour on the phone with three very friendly and helpful T-Mobile tech support representatives, and guess what? The troublesome Samsung T619 I slammed a couple of weeks ago is now able to send and receive text messages.

I was impressed with the efficiency of the T-Mobile team, and the Tier 2 team I ended up with was thorough. It took two Over-the-air updates to fix the phone, but it’s done and I’m happy.

Can’t take back the bad comment, but hope I can counter it with some good words.

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T-Mobile: Drop the Cheap Samsung T619

I actually upgraded my phone through T-Mobile about a month ago, and it was a mistake. I went with the Free upgrade (mistake number one) and chose the Samsung SGH-T619.

It’s a piece of crap. I guess I should have known that when I chose the free upgrade.

My biggest complaint: it won’t send text messages. That’s right, one of the core features of any mobile phone, and this lousy hunk of plastic won’t do it. Every time I try to send a message, the phone says it couldn’t do it, retry?

So I send an email to the customer service at T-Mobile. Complete form letter reply.

I’m going to throw this lousy phone in a drawer, and likely pay the penalty to switch to Cingular/ATT Mobile.

I am finally fed up.

Trillian: Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish

I have finally given up on Trillian releasing a new version anytime before the next ice age, and switched to the the messenger client formerly known as GAIM, now known as Pidgin.

Solid, functional, and showing signs that it is in active development. Unlike Trillian, which is slowly becoming the Duke Nukem Forever of messenger clients.

I’m sorry, but promising a cool new product, and then not letting anyone try it leads to scores of new Pidgin users.

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The client visit this week (and don’t expect too many details) was to MySpace. It is interesting to get an inside perspective on their performance challenges, as well as their beyond unique infrastructure.

I am bagged, and off to write up a document for another client.

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