GrabPERF: Content! Watch your content!

Last night, I got motivated.

Ok, I got manic. Goes with my life.

As a part of that mania, I had a breakthrough on how to present GrabPERF data that I’ve actually been collecting for nearly a year: text match failures.

GrabPERF has the ability to match text on page results using a standard PERL regex. By putting a regex into the measurement configuration, I can confirm that the data downloaded matches what should be there.

If there is not a match, the headers and page text are captured and inserted into a table. Up until yesterday, I was the only one who could view the data. Now, if you go to the graph configuration page ([insert test id here]), and see the following type of result, then click through the links.


If your graph configuration page says no text match configured, and you want one, let me know!

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