Unwanted Windows Live Weather Alerts

We got Samantha a new T-Mobile cell a few weeks back. But it came with an unwanted and expensive feature: every morning at 11:00, she receives a weather update from Windows Live Alerts.

Apparently the previous owner of the number had these alerts programmed. And of course, there is no way to shut them off because we have no clue who this person is/was.

If anyone out there from the Windows Live team or the T-Mobile support team can try and help us, it would be very much appreciated.

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Email returns

All mail to pierzchala.com addresses should be working now. I moved to a new registrar.

If they work out, I will be migrating away from Namesecure.

Travelling with Bill

My colleague Roger went on his first business road trip last week.
It was from hell. He spent some time detailing the whole hellish experience here.
On November 14-15, I am travelling with Roger to Columbus, OH. I have promised to make it a much more…enjoyable experience.
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Dear Sprint (PCS): You suck!

Samantha’s second Samsung A560 died last week, so I got mad and called Sprint to try and get out of the contract. No way — a kidney and my eldest child is the only way to get out of this deal with the devil.

So, until March 2008, the phone will be powered down and stuck in a drawer. We will grudgingly pay the bill, knowing that we can then tell them to take a long walk off a short pier and not re-subscribe.

On Sunday, we added Samantha to my T-Mobile plan and she now has several fine phones to choose from out of my existing collection. I really don’t see us going back to a CDMA service…ever.

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Rizr Mod — Debranding and Speed

Got my T-Mobile Rizr Z3 unlocked yesterday and it is now running the stock Z3 Software…looks like for Malaysia! 🙂

I hated all the extras that came with the T-Mobile Software. Now, I am happy.