Fingerprints and Pictures. Big Morning in Boston

This morning we dragged the family out of bed at a ridiculous hour for an adventure into downtown Boston.
It was a big day in the Green Card Process: We were off to get fingerprinted and have our pictures taken. This is a big step, as we can now be cross-referenced against all of the major security databases to verify whether we are criminals or not.
However, the biggest step came about 10 days ago when we got our Advanced Parole documents.
For those of you who have managed to avoid this happy process, an Advanced Parole document is a document that states that I have the rights and privileges of a Green Card holder, but I am on double-secret probation.
The other big deal with this is that I can take on contract work, and Samantha can get a job if she so desires.
Our fortunes may be looking up?
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