New GrabPERF Measurement Locations

I know that I have been bad at blogging news about GrabPERF, but today there is some. In the last two weeks, we have added two measurement locations: Washington DC AOL and Argentina LaNacion.

Thanks to Carson Evans of AOL, and Jose Falvo and Leonardo Lancellotta of LaNacion for helping out with the installation process.

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  1. how many locations do you have now?

  2. There are 9 currently active locations:
    San Francisco Technorati #1
    San Francisco Technorati #2
    Washington DC AOL
    Boston Verizon
    Boston FiOS #2
    Boston FiOS #1
    Argentina LaNacion

  3. how many locations do you have now?

  4. There are 9 currently active locations:San Francisco Technorati #1San Francisco Technorati #2Washington DC AOLBoston VerizonBoston FiOS #2Boston FiOS #1ZurichGermany Blog.comArgentina LaNacion

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