Robert Scoble has launched a thread over on FriendFeed [here] discussing the NBC Olympics broadcast schedule and how the reality of the Internet and Social Media is changing how things are broadcast.
People are recommending the CBC feed. I would likely say the people in the UK would recommend the BBC feed. But I can tell you one thing: Samantha and I have boycotted this year’s Olympics.
If there is an interesting event, or final, I will search out the video. But the idea of watching the jingoistic, materialist, flag-waving, US-centric view of the Olympics makes me ill. I don’t like the Chinese regime for a variety of reasons; but the idea of having the US Olympic team shoved down my throat by NBC while McDonalds and Coke sell me a new world is enough to make anyone give up tv forever.
Rant Off.
UPDATE: Seems Henry Blodget has a similar opinion, with less rant. [here]