Google Chrome: First Impressions

Google Chrome is out. And from first impressions, it is stinking fast. However, i do have some gripes.

  1. Comes with link underlining enabled. I hate this. It’s the first think I disable in Firefox and any browser that supports disabling underlining
  2. Where’s the “get your hands dirty under the hood” option list? I love the Firefox about:config list. Chrome needs this.
  3. Ads. I know. There is little chance for built in ad-blocking, but it’s on my wish-list.

Otherwise, it’s good…so far. And the memory usage is, well, definitely less intrusive.
I plan to use this for a while and see what happens. I will likely find something that drives me back to Firefox eventually.
Ok, found a weirdness when you use a <li> tag in the WordPress editor. It seems that it starts injecting <div> tags to differentiate paragraphs after you close out the list.

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