In my life as a consultant, I often discuss What Web performance data means and how to interpret it to solve problems. Solving the problems is, however, inherently based on whether the data that is collected is meaningful. In trying to find data that is meaningful, we have found that there are four categories that Web performance measurements fall into: Customer Generation, Customer Retention, Business Operations, and Technical Operations.

Customer Generation

How can you use Web performance measurement data to outperform your competition and impress your prospects. Read it here!

Customer Retention

Impress your customers with your skill and responsiveness, and keep the competition from sneaking in the back door. Read it here!

Business Operations

Know how you are doing against your competition and prioritize what you need to do to stay ahead. Read it here!

Technical Operations

Know what to measure and how often to keep a detailed eye on your internal systems and external performance. Read it here!