Over the space of two years I have created a series of posts that explore the analytical and statistical concepts that compose the foundation of a solid Web performance strategy.

These mark my attempt to move from a purely technical analysis of providing a solution to the problem at hand. These posts move my approach to one that examines the issues from a higher perspective, one where I can place the singular issues that face people in the areas of Technical Operations and Business Operations into a cross-industry, global Web performance context.
These posts highlight some of the core concepts which need to be re-examined, especially within the reality that faced by all online businesses right now: tightening budgets, static or contracting staffing, and the need to not lose the performance edge.

I hope that these nine posts help you reconsider how you examine Web performance data when you are trying to maintain and grow your business in these troubled times.

  1. Web Performance, Part I: Fundamentals
  2. Web Performance, Part II: What are you calling ‘average’?
  3. Web Performance, Part III: Moving Beyond Average
  4. Web Performance, Part IV: Finding The Frequency
  5. Web Performance, Part V: Baseline Your Data
  6. Web Performance, Part VI: Benchmarking Your Site
  7. Web Performance, Part VII: Reliability and Consistency
  8. Web Performance, Part VIII: How do you define fast?
  9. Web Performance, Part IX: Curse of the Single Metric