It’s official. According to the IE Dev Blog at MSDN, MSIE8 will be the direct upgrade path via Windows Update in the third week of April. [here]
I discussed the slow decrease in MSIE6 browser share earlier today, but it is not occurring fast enough for my liking. It is a browser from what seems like a generation ago.
To give you some idea of why MSIE6 should gently euthanized, when it was a shiny new browser:

  • Facebook, MySpace, GMail, and YouTube did not exist
  • You could count the number of bloggers (remember them?) on one hand
  • UserLand was the primary blogging tool. Or a text editor.
  • Scoble didn’t work for Microsoft
  • Excite and AltaVista were still viable search engines

Is it too early to write a redirect rule to direct MSIE6 users to a page telling them to upgrade to view content?
[Image courtesy of CreativeBits]