MSIE6 Euthanized. Rejoicing Among Web Developers Begins.

It’s official. According to the IE Dev Blog at MSDN, MSIE8 will be the direct upgrade path via Windows Update in the third week of April. [here]
I discussed the slow decrease in MSIE6 browser share earlier today, but it is not occurring fast enough for my liking. It is a browser from what seems like a generation ago.
To give you some idea of why MSIE6 should gently euthanized, when it was a shiny new browser:

  • Facebook, MySpace, GMail, and YouTube did not exist
  • You could count the number of bloggers (remember them?) on one hand
  • UserLand was the primary blogging tool. Or a text editor.
  • Scoble didn’t work for Microsoft
  • Excite and AltaVista were still viable search engines

Is it too early to write a redirect rule to direct MSIE6 users to a page telling them to upgrade to view content?
[Image courtesy of CreativeBits]

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