I have had one of those days that leaves me thinking if what I do matters.

I have a great message; I am enthusiastic about my message. But the more I try and push my message, the more mundane the tasks I am handed. I need a new challenge, one where I am not battling a lackadaisical sales force who just wants to get by, does not want to push the limits.

We have great customers, who have amazing technologies and interesting business challenges. Meanwhile, I am doing basic jobs, jobs that do not challenge me to think strategically or in new ways. Why? I see the challenges everyday, but here I sit.

The question is: what have you done to change this? What steps have you taken to resolve this?

I have blogged my ideas. I have tried to implement them, present them to customers, co-workers. My enthusiasm for this is still there. The only place I have for my ideas is here, and here is where they will be.

Bring on your Web performance challenges. I want them, I want to see them as bad as they get. I live for them.