Sometimes, working for a company and being an “enemy” alien in the United States is a pain in the butt. It means that sometimes you have to write a blog post, read it again and say, “Well, that’s just plum crazy to post publicly!”.
I came up with a great small conference/forum idea that I would like to run with. However, getting involved in or organizing such a project would see me get:

  • slammed by my company
  • thrown out of my job
  • thrown out my house
  • dragged to the 49th parallel and thrown back into Canada

It is something I believe in, would pursue like a rabid dog, and would love to participate in, as a speaker or as a simple attendee.
I would pay money if there was an event like this that was not driven by the companies in the field.
If anyone, particularly independent conference organizers or small/medium-sized companies/consultancies/analyst firms, would like to take my idea and develop it, I would be grateful. I hate to see my one good idea from this week get wasted.